Everything you need to know about the Flyaway experience!

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving is a vertical wind tunnel that allows you to experience the freedom of human flight. Flyaway is located in Pigeon Forge, TN; the gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The Flyaway Experience

Training – About 20 Minutes | Get Equipped – About 15 Minutes |  Fly – About 15 Minutes

As a flyer, participants attend a 20-minute training class where body control techniques and safety procedures are discussed. The next step is equipment preparation. Flyers receive a suit, helmet and other safety equipment. Following a short review of the basics, a group of five flyers then enters the wind tunnel with their instructor. Participants take turns flying during a 15-minute session. Each individual will receive approximately 3 minutes of airtime.

During business hours, classes are conducted every hour and half-hour. Registration for class is on a first come, first serve basis. The best time to fly is early in the day. Please budget up to an hour and 15 minutes for your visit.


Almost everyone can fly. All participants need to be in good physical condition with no previous back or shoulder problems. All minors (under 18) must be accompanied in class by a parent or guardian at least 21 years old. As a general rule height and weight must be in proportion. Small children must weigh at least 40 pounds and be mature enough to pay attention to the instructor and follow all instructions. The following height and weight guidelines apply:

Please Note: The weight limits help us provide a quality flight session. If a person is outside the weight guidelines, we will let you attempt to fly, but we cannot guarantee the quality of the flight session. We have different limits for men and women because differences in build and weight distribution make men and women fly differently.

What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in. Socks and soft-soled shoes are a must. No sandals or open toed shoes are allowed. We do provide shoes if necessary. What you shouldn’t wear is more important. Before you fly, all pockets must be empty and all jewelry must be removed. Rings that are too tight to be removed are OK.

Can I watch?

YES! We have an observation deck. Anyone can come in and watch for FREE! We encourage you to spend some time watching a flight session. Watching others fly is a great way to pick up a few tips before you fly.

Can I do tricks?

It is possible to learn tricks, but it does take practice. Tunnel Flying is an athletic activity and it takes experience and skill to master. But that is what makes it fun. Everyone progresses at their own pace with the help of our instructors.

What about reservations?

We take reservations for purchases of ten (10) or more flights. All other flyers are signed in on a first come, first served basis. We will gladly help you plan your group reservation. Give us a call or email for more information!

When are you open?

Weekdays 11am to 6pm weekends 10am to 8pm



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